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Parents want a night out; teenagers want pocket money. Whether you're an experienced babysitter or just getting started, you may be able to increase your financial and personal rewards from the job by becoming more knowledgeable and professional. Here are some tips

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Companies do not need to have a full-scale ethics program in operation in order to compete. They simply need to demonstrate that they meet the judging criteria. The 2005 Better Business Bureau International Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics will be awarded to four companies: Category I (1,000 employees or more); Category II (100 to 999 employees); Category III (11 to 99 employees) and Category IV (1 to 10 employees).

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"I lay on my right side and have a couple of pillows. I lay my head with my right arm up and under my head but after awhile it cuts off the blood circulation to my arm. I cross my body with my left arm to type. This puts my body in a twisted position which strains all my muscles and after time my lower back and sacral bone is to the point in pain that I have to just quit totally or go back to the standing position for awhile or just quit and go do something else, take a walk or read some articles, things I can do standing up."

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Donors should be wary of any charity that is inexperienced in carrying out relief efforts but is suddenly soliciting for hurricane assistance. Although well intentioned, such organizations may not have the ability to quickly deliver aid to those in need.

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Do not hesitate to ask for written information that describes the charity's program(s) and finances such as the charity's latest annual report and financial statements. Even newly created organizations should have some basic information available. Be wary of charities that are reluctant to answer reasonable questions about their operations, finances and programs. Ask how much of your gift will be used for the activity mentioned in the appeal and how much will go toward other programs and administrative and fund raising costs. To help ensure your contribution is tax deductible, the donation should be made to a charitable organization that is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Go to IRS Publication 78 on www.irs.gov for a current list of all organizations eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable gifts.

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Setting Up Your First Home Office The essentials of leaving your corporate job and setting up your own homebased business The Dark Side Prepare yourself for being homebased by understanding the downside. Basic Training Got what it takes to get through entrepreneurial "boot camp"? We'll give you some tips for toughing out your first year in business.

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